Midas Touch EP (18 songs)


Midas Touch EP (18 songs)

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GenieNDB – MIDAS TOUCH (Gold) Album Project.(18 songs Mp3)

midas touch gild 3rd stage

Genie started this project in January 2011. At this time he decided that Funk will be the only Genre he will write, play and sing, it soon became a three years learning, writing, playing, arranging, producing, recording project for him. This went on daily as a routine from 10am to 4am daily 7 days per week including Christmas periods.

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MIDAS TOUCH (Gold)Full Album Selected Tracks Description:

Song No. 1. MIDAS TOUCH (Gold) play time :04.33 Genre (Funk).
Genie is lamenting his wish In this song that everything he touches turns to Gold
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Song No. 2. WHAT WILL BE WILL SURELY BE. Genre (Funk).
Scottish Government is calling for a referendum on their quest for Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom.
If you know the UK history then you will know how important this issue is to Her Majesties Government and the Scottish Nation.
This song is to celebrate the peaceful process employed and to remind all to stay cool cause What Will Be Will Surely Be therefore there’s nothing to worry about.

Song No. 3. KHA KHAN YES – INWI No
in this song is so divine, he wears a expensive cloths, he always looks likes like a millionaire.
One day his walking down the street while two plain cloths detectives were walking on the other side of the same street one of the detectives commented to his colleague that he thinks Kha Khan Yes Inwi No is an Inwi the implication of this is that in the Third World Country or the Developing Countries for some is a cruel place to Exist in.

It has been well documented that in most if not all of the Third World Countries and the Developing Countries their Citizens have embedded Mob Killing Culture that gives them the impunity to murder those accused of stealing.

Song No. 4. HAIL FELA RANSOM KUTI. Genre (Funk)
Fela Ransom Kuti is the first man that was able to expose Nigerian Governments failures.
Most Hypocrites now agree that Fela Ransom Kuti is a great man.
I say – Hail Fela he is the one that’s got the Afro Beat, Hail Fela he is the one the speaks the truth

“NAIRA and KOBO” The Nyanga Boy Story

(Written by Artist Genie)

Song No. 16. There was this boy that went to school;
his mama and papa could not afford to give him pocket money when he went to school. At school during recess period and closing time, his schoolmates keep buying things like sweets, chicken and chips and other things, but because his parents didn’t give him any pocket money, he stands there just looking at his classmates buying all these things.

This poor kid did rather well at most of the subjects he studied. He is always seen as a leader, in fashion he shines through as the sun, wherever he goes everybody shouts out the name they’ve given him “Nyanga Boy” because he walks like a model, dresses like a Super Star.

This event took place when people were living in tribal communities; in this part of the world they had a tribal leader (known as Baba Alla) who acts as the King and Queen and Chief Justice of the tribe, Baba Alla’s position as a tribal leader is engraved in there tribal scripture by the Wise Ones, The Wise Once who were chosen by their tribal Gods.

One of the paragraphs in their scripture said that the rich should give to the poor.
It happens to be that the tribal leaders are always the richest ones they are the ones that have the biggest houses with big compounds, a compound where all the poor people from their area gather to receive handouts from the tribal leader or to have their quarrels settled.

One day Baba Alla saw in the gathering of the poor within his compound, a boy we all now know to be Nyanga boy, he called him over and said to him, I can see your parents are so poor they cannot even afford to give you pocket money, immediately Nyanga Boy opened his mouth to speak to Baba Allah, Baba Allah realised that Nyanga Boy was special, Baba Allah then decided to adopt Nyanga Boy, he proceeded to seek adoption permission from Nyanga Boy’s mother and father, which was gladly given, Baba Alla then took Nyang Boy into his household as his adopted son.

Though Baba Alla took Nyanga Boy into his household as his adopted son and gave Nyanga Boy all he ever wanted, Bab Alla sent his children to the best schools and sent Nyanga Boy to a cheap and inferior school. After every exam in Nyanga Boy’s school the school’s Head Master always gave top marks on Nyanga Boy’s exam papers even though Nyanga Boy had answered most of the exam questions wrongly, when the exam result were announced to the amassment of Nyanga Boy’s classmate Nyanga Boy passes with Grade A (%100 per cent pass mark). Nyanga Boy’s has now realised that these special thing that had been happening to him were due to his special qualities, this is why he shines above the rest.

Nyanga Boy is now the most famous star in the world………………


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