Juicy Carrot Album

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JUICY CARROT Album Tracks Description Continues:

  •  Julie. A make believe song about Genie’s fan called Julie. Genre (Funk)
  • Love Talk. Fast tempo love song. Genre (Pop)
  • Land of 1000 Dances (Cover Versions 2) Cover version of Wilson Picket song. Genre (Pop)
  • My Purpose of Being (3rd House Version) This is the Electric Funk Version of this song.
    Genie’s call for a discussion on how we can achieve Heaven on Earth, this topic was forwarded to One Hundred and Eleven Heads of States via their respective ambassadors in London. (Electro Funk)
  • Money (Remix 1A) Sebastian (A German producer contributed to the remix of this version MONEY (Remix 1A). Genre (House)
  • Naira and Kobo (Remix 1A) A song based on the story of adopted poor Kid who is became known as NYanga Boy. Genre (Afro Beat)
  • Heart Is Home To Love. Artist Genie has not seen his Mother for a long time; this song reflects his thoughts towards her. Genre (House)
  • Some People Are So Real (Heavy Funk Version)Some people Are So Real (Version 3) was re-written in the year 2009, a sure HIT.  The original version of this song attracted interest from CBS Records London now called Sony Records. Genre (Funk)
  • Attitude (G. Remix) (See Song No. 2 Description) Genre (Funk)
  • Rhythm Talking (Original Version) This is a pop version of this song. Genre (Pop)
  • The Climate Is Changing (1st Mix with Guitar). Song about pollution generated by humans the cause of Climate Change. Genre (Electro)
  • Juicy Carrot Is A Funky Carrot (Original Version)(See Juicy Carrot Album Description). Genre (House)

GenieNDB – JUICY CARROT (Album) CD Description:
The sentiment that induced Genie to write an album entitled Juicy Carrot Is A Funky Carrot is as follows.
Countries within the Third World and the Developing Countries own all of the natural resources bought by the Developed Countries then why are majority of these Countries citizens the poorest people in the world?
In the world of economy and trade the seller makes more profit than the buyer. It seems these economy and trade principles do not apply to Countries within the Third World and the Developing Countries items / natural resources bought by the Developed Countries. Maybe one needs to drink Juicy Carrot to see clearly.
Have you noticed how poor most Countries within the Third World and the Developing Countries are: the unnecessary sufferings, hopelessness, unnecessary deaths that goes on their?
Most Countries within the Third World and the Developing Countries supply everything Nations and Continents needs, Gold / Diamonds / Gas / Oil / Uranium etc, loads of fish in their seas, lush greenery for farming yet majority of them go hungry everyday and every night = Consequences: – Death through starvation. Again maybe one needs to drink “JUICY CARROT” because Juicy Carrot Is a Funky Carrot, it makes one see clearly. 

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