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We are also looking for more great music from you hard working musicians ,
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Strobe Records is committed to releasing Songs
that Inspire and Encourages the achievement
of Utopia Human Made Utopia On Earth

Love Songs and Songs calling for Harmony and Respect.
We release and market songs in this following genre.

  • FUNK
  • ROCK
  • POP

We do not release songs that advocates or encourages Anarchy , War or Hatred.


About GENIE the Artist

Genie is the owner of  Strobe Records label & Strobe Recording Studio.
Genie is also the Founder and Chairman of:

Human Made Utopia (Philosophical Ideology) & Human Made Utopia (Charity)


Genie is the coolest, funkiest dude in London, something of an underground pop icon in London, as his image has graced everything from magazine covers to postcards.
To put it mildly, the Alternative Minded People, especially kids love him. So do the people whom he finds myself surrounded by in adoration recognising his face from the classic 7Up Pepsi (U.K.) Disco Inferno TV commercial.

The idea of a film of one artist playing all instruments in songs edited together to create an elusion of a band was conceived by Genie.
This is how the name GenieNDB (Nucleus Digitised Band) was conceived

To View GenieNDB Video go to the media gallery page

Name: Mr. Loveday Onwuka (a.k.a) GENIE or GenieNDB
  • Singer , Songwriter , Composer ,
  • Arranger and Producer .Cubase –
  • Music Creation & Production System (Programmer),
  • Sound Engineer and Graphic & Website Designer.


Human Made Utopia as an organisation is presently a one man show, and currently an online ideological organization which is based in London UK, working towards the creation of an environment in which humanity will accept the implementation of Genie’s ideology as the solution to all humanities issues (See Human Made Utopia web pages on this Strobe Records web site. Any one wishing to Support Genie’s ideology in any form is welcomed.


Superstar-Portobello with extra text

All around me every day and night I can feel, or sense, that humanity suffering from time immemorial.

This feeling manifests itself in the songs I write and the topics that consume me (see lyrics in my “One World” Experience album , “My Purpose of Being” album and “Kiss My Ego” album). This is why, on 15th April 2002 I introduced my Ideology Human Made Utopia (Philosophy) & Human Made Utopia (Charity).

I advocate that humanity should stop using “Cosmetic Surgery” method in resolving Humanities issues.

My proposed ideology is the answer to all Humanities problems it must be accepted and implemented.
My purpose therefore is to introduce to the worldHuman Made Utopia (Philosophy) as a medium for the eradication of human society’s problems. I propose that we should set up, in Schools and Universities, a new Philosophical Subject Called Human Made Utopia (Philosophy), as a medium to be used for the exploration of alternatives to human society’s problems.

l have presented the above-mentioned ideology of mine to over 110 Heads of Governments via their ambassadors in London requesting their support.The resulting reponses were encouraging and are available upon request I am not a politician. I have no interest in being one. Nor am I seeking a political career. For further clarification of any issue relating to my ideology, please see Human Made Utopia web pages on this Strobe Records web site. Click Here

To Review my Singles or Albums please visit the Album page on Review Songs Link Button Review Songs SEE PRESS FOR NATIONAL RELEASE DATES OR CONTACT US. For Strobe Records Artist Information request form using below link “artist promotion”, Please thank

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